Dunn Hair’s “Cycle of Hair Happiness”™

Dunn Hair understands the importance of hair and the significant role it plays in making us feel happy and confident.

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Our 6 step “Cycle of Hair Happiness”™ is the backbone of our business.

  1. It should always be all about you!

    We encourage you to browse through our website as it is designed to introduce you to our salon 24/7 and from the convenience and comfort of your pc or phone. Both our online and physical salon environments should re-assure you of our commitment to deliver the best service and quality to you. At Dunn Hair we promise to make you feel welcome, valued and happy.

    How do you feel about your current salon and how do they feel about you?

  2. Why Dunn Hair?

    Over 80% of our new clients are referred to us by an existing client. The remainder have stumbled upon us either on line or on foot. We have never needed to advertise for new clients. Why? Well we truly believe a referral is a reflection of a positive experience, a unique confidence that can be transferred to the benefit of family, friends and colleagues alike. Referrals are precious. Referrals help overcome the significant stress involved in selecting a new salon. Your hair happiness is our best advertisement.

    However, despite a referral, you still need to be happy with our salon.

  3. Do you know what you want?

    Of course you do and we need to talk! Your intial consultation is an interview between you and the salon stylist - a two way process. It is said that people buy from people. We believe that. Make sure you understand the scope and nature of the stylist’s training. Don’t be worried asking any question. Listen to your stylist’s opinions and advice, then judge for yourself whether you will be comfortable in their hands. That way you’ll get what’s best for you: happiness guaranteed.

    So make the first move, get in touch and book your FREE salon consultation.

  4. We are unique!

    Qualified and experienced stylists understand many different types of hair and can therefore advise how to maintain and style your hair. Your stylist needs an overview of your lifestyle. Whether high or low maintenance, your hair regime is dictated by how much time you have for your hair, how you wear your hair and the products you use. Dunn Hair has a growing number of clients who come to us because of previous negative experiences elsewhere. Many of these involved poor service, aggressive cutting and unsuitable colouring. We are happy to correct all of these!

    How many salons just sell you a “look” from their latest collection irrespective of what that does to you, your hair and your happiness?

  5. Scared to experiment?

    Don’t worry, be happy! If you want to colour your hair or add volume and direction, but are nervous about colouring and perming, then ask us about more temporary alternatives. Semi permanent colours and semi permanent volumising services are the best route to take if you are unsure about a look. You are in control. Why not bring in images from some magazines? Alternatively browse through our seasonal collection books. As professionals we will happily discuss your proposed look. We’ll be open and honest as to whether it can be successfully applied to you and your lifestyle. If it can’t there is a good chance it can be adapted to suit you.

    How honest is your current salon? Do you really get what you pay for?

  6. Learn the tricks of the trade - from experts!

    Colouring, cutting, blow drying and styling are skills that take a long time to learn. A home haircare regime is a crucial element of maintaining your salon style. The easiest way to re-create the salon look is to use the same tools and styling products as your stylist. So ask your stylist to explain and demonstrate how you should do this at home. You need information about the products that are applied to your hair, what they achieve and how to apply them. Dunn Hair only recommends quality homecare products. We are confident of their quality because they’re the same that we use during your appointment.


When your hair looks great between appointments you will be happy and confident. People will notice. You may even recommend Dunn Hair. So the “Cycle of Hair Happiness”™ continues for you and thus begins for another new and valued Dunn Hair client.


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