History of Hair

Marketing - 201

How frequently a good head of hair is spoiled from bad cutting many know to their sorrow. Unwin and Albert, Court Hairdressers, 24, Piccadilly, have adopted a system of hair cutting by which hair in a weak or falling state will grow afresh and regain its pristine strength, or, if harsh and unmanageable, assume any elegant or graceful form desired. Gentlemen who appreciate elegant Subscription Hair Cutting and Head Washing Saloons, 24 Piccadilly. Annual subscription for Lady or Gentlemen, 10s; or 1s each attendance. A Shower of Eau De Cologne – during the warm weather Gentleman visiting Unwin and Alberts elegant Hair-Cutting Saloons, 24 Piccadilly, will find the Eau De Cologne Shower delightfully refreshing.

c18th - Hair irons English caricature 1787